Cult of the Amateur

by Flying Chivaus

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A rather eccentric piece of business - created (fittingly amateurishly) solely on Apple GarageBand using a Blue Snowflake microphone, a MIDI keyboard and various instruments including a melodeon, melodica, kazoo, swanee whistle, toy piano...

Ukulele on tracks 3 and 9 was provided by Mr Smith of HEPWORTH.

Re-released OCT 2014.


released July 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Flying Chivaus UK

Unpopular music for aeronautical botanists and non-existent diplomats abroad.

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Track Name: Duellists
That was the day we went up to the top of the hill.
A game of cards got out of hand
And so it was a duel
Between the duke and a Cossack from the country.

The duke, being of excellent skill,
Was confident of his victory.
And so it was that he dispatched his opponent quite easily upon that day.

I have since heard that the duke was found dead in his bed the very next morning.
No cause of his passing could be discerned;
It was a very peculiar case indeed.
Track Name: Casual Tea
One day, while I was walking,
I was accosted by a man in a lilac waistcoat.
He had trouble with his loins
and asked for coins,
"No!" said I,
"I've at once to fly
"To the Ottoman Empire
"To buy my pepper."
"No!" said he, "I am John Potkin,
"Fresh from the fight."

So he took me to his club
And we dined on various kinds of muffin
Until dawn broke,
And a gentleman spoke;
He said, "I have invented the Casual Tea!"
Track Name: Autowagon
Automobile! Automobile!
How does it feel to be behind the wheel
Of an automobile?

A powerful motor,
Run by electricity!
Three wheels,
And a high velocity!
Track Name: Interludial I
Now we are in free fall.
Our craft wasn't strong enough for the unfavourable winds.
And now we are all in free fall.
The duke, he had warned us against mechanical wings.

Do not judge me for my lack of engineering prowess;
I didn't concentrate on physics when I was younger.
And now it seems we are to die here,
The earth is uninviting,
The thought of it brings tears to my eyes.
Track Name: The Heliocentrics
We landed surprisingly safely upon the island
Which we found to be inhabited by a tribe which worshipped the Sun.
Every morning we would see them
Sacrificing an armchair to their master.

Our presence on the island was tolerated by the tribespeople,
Which allowed us time to repair our aircraft.
Track Name: Nothing Like an Airship/Go Go Horatio
There is nothing like an airship to raise the spirits.
When you are down
To lift your feet off the ground,
I say chaps!

Mister Perisot;
Finest engineer in all of France;
Flew his airship
Into the Austrian Alps.


Go go Horatio!
Watch as overboard they go.
Go go Horatio!
There's tea in the pot.
Track Name: Fashionable Chap
He's a fashionable chap.
A little pink rose in his buttonhole
Marks him out
As a fashionable chap.
It's a pleasure to see him,
It's a pleasure to see him.