It Was His Birthday Everyday E​.​P.

by Flying Chivaus

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Recorded using a Blue Snowflake microphone, an M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, and Apple GarageBand 4 within the winding catacombs of Henry Scott Tuke House in Falmouth, Cornwall.


released May 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Flying Chivaus UK

Unpopular music for aeronautical botanists and non-existent diplomats abroad.

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Track Name: Salmon Drake of the Dimensional Doorway
The birds have a university,
Think about that now while you drink your tea.
They're learning English and Trigonometry;
The birds have a university.
Track Name: The Amateur Cracksman
A testament to the triumphs of the Silver Age!
Four boots and one bun,
You cannot be wrong
When you wind up you hat.

A glorious depiction on the fabled walls of the Poetry Club!
Four boots and one bun,
You cannot be gone
When you put on your suit.

The Colonel had been living upon the Bluff at Yokohama:
He'd seen finer hours,
And kept better time,
When he wound up his hat.

I called on him once, in the spur of the moment to decide upon tea!
He'd seen greater things
And was not well,
When he put on his suit.
Track Name: August Palace
Don't forget your hat!
The lake may be warm
But the boats are cold,
And the biplanes wheel for the King
Only on occasion.

Don't forget your hat!
We are arriving belatedly,
Down by the sea's shore
Where the August Palace
Meets the tall September cypresses.

I'm a dead man;
I have lived many times before,
And I have lived rather well before,
And much advice I can give unto you.

Don't forget your hat!
Take a lonely constitutional,
A stumbling constitutional,
And forget what you seem to be missing
Along the raggedy crumbly cliff.

Don't forget your hat!
When the airmen are falling
And all your friends are joking
About things you could never understand
Except on Wednesdays.